Sunday, October 11, 2009

Impromptu piece for Amiri.

I feel this is a work in progress, as it was beginning life only moments prior to me being called to the podium.

Talking that talk
Walk like jazz
Crack whips like lips
Kiss black
Tap feet
Streets move, as he did
We live genocide in life on both sides
Dyed(died) wings be butterfly under my bold eyes
I see the reverie he is being
Bring reality to the steps
Yes, no one could lasso with a lariot
Chariot galloping as steadfast
Feed people this breakfast
Food for thought, brought plates to the table
Enable a brain
Chain letters to slaves
A page
We; rebel
Revel in revolving
Revolution is solvent
Washing away the blood on pavement
Broad statement are the boulevards
A new arc
Arch roads to go beyond a path he set forth
For words stretched breath pressed next to injustice
Ingesting and regurgitate this luncheon
He developed a didactic discourse
Of course, it's a course
And I'm insatiable
Take in views he spewed
Newsboy cap
A rap
Jazz infused we use bebop to top
And never fell
Fail we won't, tested for centuries
I'm still listening to a message he sent to me
Echoes in elbows that bend to lift spirits
Clearance to allow for caring to land on hands
Hugs carry
Hearts heavy
Nucleus including us in this opera
Operating on cigarettes that burn similar to ancestors
Breathe whispers that scold oppressors
Belmont and spruce street greet professors
Records span history, as long as hallways
I may be wrong, but I won't be wrong always

G. Arthur ©2009
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  1. aww, I didnt leave hun. I'm still here. I actually have tumblr which is a easier way to blog. you should check it out. I will still do my blogger once in a while but dont worry i will still be following your post. Much love -B