Sunday, August 30, 2009

Friday, August 28, 2009

the edge itself is not even patriotic in a sense.

a little jab at how i see the "red line". speaking some more on the denim i would like to wear more of. i bought one pair from j. crew, in the green caste wash(picture shown below), and i love them. i have made a new discovery in that purchase, also. vintage slim is a great cut for me. i also bought a pair of levi's in a slim straight, which was on the money as well. starting from scratch... the saga continues.

sneakers: generic surplus
socks: banana republic

selvedge denim! my new craze.(life is like a movie)

(click image to enlarge)
... or the other way around.

i built a semi-huge collection of denim over the years(30+, not including those i've given away), from brands here and there. in my younger years, without the knowledge of fit and proportion. now i've come into enlightenment and lead into a direction that piques my interest. selvedge denim. i plan on doing a serious haul of many that i own, from offering to salvation army, hand-me downs, alterations to dedicated washings(in hopes that they'll shrink to size, lol). i'd prefer to keep it raw and uncut. nonetheless, i will not be as most purists who follow that particular rule, as i love my light wash jeans.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

afro-punk festival: block party!

(click image to enlarge)
hat: h&m
bow tie: ralph lauren
polo: j. crew
vest + pant: monogram(banana republic)
belt: diesel
sneakers: jack purcell

what wasn't seen:
purple argyle socks: br
pocket square(back pocket): ralph lauren

alice in wonderland(live performance by me).

this is just the beginning. :-)

editor's note: ralph lauren t-shirt(athletic fit), j. crew cardigan, j. crew grosgrain belt in navy and white, j. crew lightweight chinos in red, jack purcell sneakers(also from j. crew, lol) in distressed navy and black puma bag(as my best friend calls it, the assassin bag, lmao).

sweetest gesture.

so, 2 days ago, i assisted this old guy with a stretch poplin s/s shirt. and he inquires on how he can style it. skipping all the unnecessary in between, we spark up conversation about jazz and other genres. and during the transaction, as i rung up his purchase, we talk ties(he noticed the j. crew silk knit tie i had on), which lead him to offer me his collection.

next day, which was yesterday, i come into work, dressed down, orange ralph lauren boat shoes(no socks), ralph lauren khaki-colored chinos and banana republic v-neck sweater in red, with a marc jacobs crew neck under to match the cream lining along the neckline... tangent, lol... and the old guy returns(jerry is his name). he tells me that he brought in the ties. i go to find them, now within seconds flat, here i am beaming with a smile.

now, i was completely taken by the fact that he followed through with it, as i thought it was just a friendly offering in gesture, however, he was a man of his word. now i have a set of 5 different geoffrey beene knit ties. how cool is that!?

i'm already constructing an outfit from one of the ties, as i was in bloomingdales the other day and came across a gem... a fair isle sweater vest by ralph lauren. yes, yes. something from nothing and nothing from something. don't know why i said that, but it felt appropriate at the time. lmao.

i'm back...

... not with a vengeance/just the intentions to return to my invention/pretentious can forget it/i'm embedded like source code/sending signals like morse code/original as adidas, the source knows/force those who are fraudulent into a corner/origami their nonsense into no more/quote the raven/saving stanzas one lyric at a time/expressionist through gestures, with the spirit of a mime.

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