Sunday, October 11, 2009

2nd piece read for Amiri.

This was written beforehand, at a jazz lounge called Skippers. And it just so happened that Amiri Baraka was there. I greeted him and shook his hand. I was moved by his demeanor and smile, persona and all the knowledge I could only imagine he holds. However, with the location, my words were guided differently, especially with the fervor he showed for the music. A music I love as well. Enjoy. :-)

"Call the pound, he said he'd let the dog's loose!"

Clearly Amiri was in the mountain counting the pebbles that settled at the top
I couldn't stop watching this exotic petal of a flower
She aged so gracefully, the face of dreams
In a hypnotic gown
Towered to a drop of rain, she claimed to be the seasons
Her spirit was gleaming, similarly to the beams reflecting from my mixture of pineapple and cranberry
Barely spoke a word when I heard this one voice
No where in the world, she curled my being into being
Piano handle ample samples to channel apples and candles
Sugar and fire to create and accentuate a cinnamon in my ear
Can you hear what I hear?
The trombone sent me to a humble brown
Travelling a hummed tone to a love funneling 'round
Rumbling from one's bone, a thundering sound
Because these rhythms come from the inside
Cunning linguist to a running of clouds
Bodies afloat to the buoyant boys drumming abound
Breathe deep these reeds sweet to keep seeds in the beat with lungs under the ground
Hugs comfort the lounge
Embrace the riff
Twist the accompaniment into your throat, or so it goes
Flow so the cool soothes to move as a company's mint
Accountable for surrounding grooves in a ditch, switch to the soloist
So low, lips kiss footsteps
Tickling toes and the bottom of your soles
Dancing about to holidays named billy in a route where houndstooth is filling in the now
Spinning in a crowd
Drinks sitting in a smile
With a splash of solid knit ties and bars to hold them in place
In case the sway became ragtime
Polished wit
Wise cracks
Rolled in an ace
Play your cards right
This glass
Wine pours in the same sentiment as the notes the singer whispers in a breeze
Spring forward toward a trickling tease
Sip me
I'm slowly leaking from the peak of the evening
Peeking at this Ella of a woman
Star-studded excellence, dressed to impress
Fresher than produce, produce a beaming bright height of melodies
Assembled in stellar
Tell her she's beautiful
Band; rubber band; back and forth in the background
Ventriloquist the kiss of keys in the air, it's a mystery
This affair I have with the misses and mist in ink
Womb a tune, loom a bloom
Emanated her greatness from a wistful wink
Red and grey
Blissful pink
Future in the furrow followed by a flute's flirtations
Colored the corners of my cornea
As a trumpet is jumping, trumping the thump from the rousing applause
Rainbow coalition spilling and peeling from the crown of the walls
Even the ceiling's in awe
Drowning the flaws in the complexion perfection intended
Blending the bend of the saxophone
Brass to a class of all elite that reach the seats
People can't refrain themselves or sit still
Maximum impact
Tap your toes
High hats
Graduate and palpitate
I can't take the wide flash from the bright blast
Might jazz get any heavier
On my heart, I love
Medley rubs my soul in the most precious sentiment
Skippers serving musical ambrosia, so edible
And adieu

G. Arthur ©2009
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