Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Lady lay.

Before the light of the sun can find the surface of your supple skin
Touch a wind's humble fin
Dolphin in a subtle bend, a grin
My friend, I pen what the ray might say before the oasis chases a mirage
I'll send the warmth to your source
Origin in an unbridled force to course
Her place is adjacent to my soul
A face
Facet to a great and precious gem in a glow
Her smile
I know all too well
Familiar to a morning or more acquainted to a soaring leaf
Touring the sea, a sky
A piece of my wiles
I'll try to fight the desire
Temptation penetrating the very fiber of my fire
Woven from a passionate grappling, wrapping ends of my heart
A child I'm made into
Weaving the evening by the means of a thimble
Nimble to needle
I need you to be the quilt I fell for
Tell doors I'm open to your fabric
Patches stitched on, tell all
Slip from a spell's song
Incantation created from the swaying of a branch's shadow
Sank low into the sheets of music
Let's be each other's instrument
Meant for movement
Still the stillness is felt in so many ways
Lay beside me
Invite me to be your side
A lung, aside from a breath
A yes
When no other air is present
The future of our dimensions are blended
It's splendid when seeing how wonderful each second is a complexion
Correction, each minute colored is an hour beyond perfection
Remind a tempest that the flow of our calm is collected
Cascading in an embrace racing rapids, slowly pacing the language
Tracing your lips with every word unsaid
Hugs tread the effect of affection
No regrets in ascension
I'm gracious to the spaces granted
Hand in hand
Not so spacious, the land is where we have landed
Handed an opportunity for unity
Congruent to a couple
A cupful of you, and we will runeth over
Become a nova
Coming over was a nice idea
Eyes slide near the thought of a kiss
Is it time, yet?
Stretched to a caress
Addressed the area and a.m.
The answer to my prayers
Pillows and hello's
Under covers, covered in layers
Covet the way words still don't need to be said
As I wake up next to you in bed
Instead, I never slept
A dream come true, come hues to a breath

G. Arthur ©2010
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