Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Happy birthday.

Elegy in a stellar speech
For comfort
In the 500 days of summer
I never once wondered what autumn would bring
Since winter did sting
and spring is around the corner
We are gathered here today, to honor
Two on the
day they selected
Respected the perspective and dimensions
Sentenced to a pair
A graphic to the where
Wearing smiles that provide light for the park in the dark
Centered in the central area
I hear
it's their heart keeping the rhythm when they dance
Can't... get near what you revere
It is clear
Crystallized the patterns in the sheer
See, I think ahead in the spread
And I caught
A glimpse
of this couple; this duo
In thorough visitation of a fancy
Limitations to a grand scheme
Continue into o
Their circle
Radius, uncommercial
Practiced with no rehearsal
So to this I say, it's natural
Sprouting like wildfire, no average growth
They've passed the souls and had to know the body was just a shell
Two peas in a pod
A tale
Of how love would prevail
Previously a veil covered 10 years; these lovers
Returned to a grail, to where eternal happiness is here
Wrapped in mist, I feel
the rain is just a tear
Broken mirror in how a dream scatters to compare
Reflections that au contraire have no similarities
As the chapters read, this story is never near
The end
Pretend to understand how it began
We ran
to the pages where forever is too short
Short of breath
And so they leapt
Across a broom
Swept off her feet
This awesome groom is causing blooms to happen
Noon in action
Passion audible
Record a tune
Beautiful and even nautical
Applaud the two, on how they're on the same wave
Saltate to a mainstay
May they
infinitely sway on a great stage
Acting as one
No longer shall I address them as two
Too much involved in math to ask how that would add to some
Sum up all they have
And write for what lays hands into a hold
Gorgeous sands
Beseach the beach to time
Each grain, a frame of mind
Sifting through fingers
Piano player and singer
Bring her into your arms
According to palms
I'm reading that in song
You are in perfect harmony
Better yet, a melody
A secret best kept to one,
so don't tell it, please
Now where's the garment
Bring it close
He's needle, string into hole
she's thread
Link until it's closed
Tailored to see if clothes are nonpareil to metaphor
And if you're receptive, you might catch it
The bouquet...

G. Arthur ©2010

This was a gift to a dear friend and her husband, with consideration to their upcoming wedding.
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