Saturday, November 21, 2009


Just another average day... or so I thought. So, I'm at work(my new job--love it), folding a few sweaters, I look up, and who do I see? I blurted out, "Consequence?" He turns and smiles. We shook hands and I introduced myself. I wanted to give him my card, but, I was already assisting a customer, building clientele. *sigh* if we didn't have to be so "professional", I would have asked for an autograph, lmao, which I seldom do. Ah, well. I jokingly said to him as he was exiting, "I would have thought 88-keys would have been making an appearance before you." He laughed and said, "yeah, he is the polo don." Britney Spears had reportedly come to Short Hills mall some time ago, also, however, who is she? Lol.
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