Saturday, June 12, 2010

Twins to night and day.

She moves like the brooklyn moon
Dodging universes in the content of her cursive
Persona be gravity, asking me if I'm attracted to her crooked groove
Looking smooth
Glass figurine
Figurative in a language she speaks without words
Keeps a unique beat to a rhythm
Switch 'em
Isn't an -ism of a vision conditioned to show dimension?
Pencil in a schedule that's textual
I feel the time is now
Sensing you are attentive to the direction of my peripherals
Stencils trace the face of curiosity, possibly locked to a silent hello
Cello to an echo in the essence of her mellow
Set low to the earth, she works the axis
As if her backless dress couldn't tell souls of how the lines I find design a myth with which she connects
Switch to a moment that focuses on the mold of an origami's fold that closes, exposing how to open an opportunity
Usually not apparent on this 2 train
Two flames that compare and contrast
Flare and then flash
Fast to dare the wind how to explain how the air isn't
Friction fixed in a nervous distance
Existing in a place we didn't
Dwindling in a twinkling twilight
I write to the abyss of her skin
Light years near a complexion that sets in the same phase of a sun, one mile away from a day I almost missed
Kissed by this instance between being lost and discovery
Hovering in the mix of an equation
Stating the various variables that carry two spirits to intermingle
Lingering in a single star
Starting to spark by the sparkling shard shattered to segue
Back to spines that bent waves
Way before water was thought of
Lost lungs in the compressed quest to question if I could get a breath of what's in my best interest
Impression I'm etching in the both of you
Sketching the effort I left in the scope of duece
Do--own the responsibility of respecting goddesses that possess the fresh; fertility
Intent on displaying the ability to seed the dream weaved in beings
Spiral in an iris this queen serene, seams to seem she leans in a brighter shine
Shrine might be built for her soft
Quilt to be knit in a curl
Her bones alone can't be bought
Switch to a damsel in frames
Frame maintains the magnificence of mountains
Countenance to the abundance budding from her fruitful planes
Shaped like sound
Music to my ears
Surround 'round these parts
Feet arched
Walk reflects a champion stance
Sweet enough to keep the bee's in business
Honey is passion in dark, but her glow is saturated in african art
Crafted to shimmer similar to a rare jewel
Care to share the recipe on where to glare hues, to ensnare the glare you create with a greatness
Waist, hips
Ratio to taste in
Basting the blackberry buried, why they cherish more than the cherry in mind
Where even the weariest eyes are awake to scurry and vye to view the juicy
Lips constructed to hush the most prudent of skies
Switch, why must the two of you be so aesthetically pleasing
Easing the reason for seeing how my script switched to a beacon
Delicious visuals
Perfectly seasoned
Scene end.

G. Arthur ©2010
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